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A compact disc featuring the sloppy Tex-Mex performances of LOS LONELY HIPSTERS.

SAN ANTONIO -- A local independent musician released his first full-length album this morning after eating huevos rancheros with corn tortillas at the Route 281 and 1604 Las Palapas.

Garrett T. Capps, a 28-year-old San Antonio native, had spent the previous three months consuming menudo exclusively, while he and his band, The Only Hipsters, recorded the nine-track L.P. entitled “Y Los Lonely Hipsters.”

“It’s good to change up the diet here and there, but I felt strongly that sticking to menudo in the studio would help us achieve the acoustic terroir we were after,” said Capps. “The Only Hipsters and I are all San Antonio guys, and I wanted the music to reflect that. Tex-Mex in the left ear and T-bone steaks in the right ear.”

With Songs like “Born in San Antone,” Capps and The Only Hipsters hope to serve up a solid portion of South Texas timbre, complete with heavy steel guitar, accordion, violin, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, bass and drums in various arrangements.

All songs on the album were written by Capps, aside from “Runnin’ Back,” a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Running Back.” The record’s lyrics carry a working-class aesthetic, bemoaning the nine-to-five lifestyle, arguing with borrachos and reveling in road trips via Dylanesque stream of consciousness. Capps’ vocals reinforce the theme of apathetic middle-class drudgery with their rusty, yodeling sincerity, howling into the void in chorus with steel guitar.

“She Likes Doom Metal” serves as the album’s single, encapsulating the off-kilter earnestness of the record.

Though “Y Los Lonely Hipsters” marks his first full-length effort, Capps has recorded and self-released a number of E.P.s covering a wide array of genres from sludge metal to garage rock to alternative country.

As for follow-up releases, Capps assures listeners: “I have more shit on the way.”